Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium


Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

12/28/08 Litchfield Park, Arizona.

Review:  This was my first visit to the brand new aquarium (check out the zoo review here). The late sunday afternoon visit with two adult friends was quite pleasant , it was void of  screaming children and school groups.  The new buildings are clean and spacious, the exhibits well lit, and the glass was free of fingerprints, grime, and those pesky reflections. 

Photographability: I shot primarily with a 15mm  lens on a Canon Mark IIn and with the macro setting on my Canon G7.  ISO range from 640 to 1600, some of the exhibits were pretty dark.  Warped plexiglass looks cool, but just pass up trying to photograph through it. 

Highlights: I’d never seen a lion fish in a tank without a blue backdrop, nor swimming upside down.  And while I didn’t ride the log flume, it passes through some of the exhibits, and that looks really cool.

Lowlights:  Not all the exhibits had residents, the octopus hadn’t yet arrived.

Pleasant surprise: I didn’t expect Arizona to pull off an aquarium, but they spared little in designing a nice space.  At $26 admission, it’s nice that you can visit the adjoining zoo. And, after 5pm, when the zoo closes, entry to the aquarium is just $17!

Would I return: Yes, the next time i’m in Arizona, I’ll check out the aging process.

Rating:  5 (out of 10)