Reid Park Zoo


reidparkThe Reid Park Zoo

1/7/2007 Tucson, Arizona

Review: The Reid Park Zoo is a nice little zoo with a great collection of big animals!  The layout is easily meander-able, and unless you’re reading the map, there are surprises around every corner. 

Photographability: Most of the exhibits are pretty easy to work with, a lot of the exhibits utilize the moat barriers which provide unobstructed views of the animals, though you’ll need that zoom lens to get up close and personal.  The lion exhibit and tiger exhibit were tough to work with, though once the lion settled down in front of the plexiglas window I found an un-smugged portion to work with.  I used my Canon 20d, the 24-70, and 70-200mm with the 1:4. 

Highlights: I love anteaters, and the zoo has a great collection! The lion was entertaining, and I like that i captured him looking, relaxed!

Lowlights: Shooting through curved plexiglas is challenging and frustrating.  It’s impossible to get a focus point.

Pleasant Surprises: The anteaters were super active, and I’d forgotten how many they have.  Cool animals.

Would I Return?: Sure, next time I’m in Tucson, but if I’m in Arizona for just a short visit, I’ll hit the Phoenix Zoo instead.

Rating: (out of 10)

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