Out of Africa Wildlife Park

outofafricaOut of Africa Wildlife Park

4/13/2008 Cape Verde, Arizona

Review: Out of Africa Wildlife Park was hoakey and REALLY cool. The park has an incredible collection of big cats as well as a pretty thorough plains grazer group.  My friend and Judy and I were both skeptical, but figured if they could get $36 for admission, they had to come through.  Come through they did, with cool shows like Tiger Splash and the Predator Feed, we left licking our own chops!

Photographability: These  guys encourage and thought about photography so much, they actually built viewing platforms with eye level unobstructed views. Bravo!  During feedings times, the keepers told us what they were going to do before they did it, allowed photographers to get into place and then proceeded.  Such customer service!  Fantastic.  We got up close and personal on the Safari, animals without the predator instinct are quite friendly! Tiger Splash was really cool (Check out Judy’s Tiger Splash Video) but it was hard to anticipate, track, and manually focus through the fencing, I had fun watching!  I used my Canon MarkIIn with the 70-200mm and  1:4 converter, and the Canon G7 for those fun candid moments.

Highlights: The Predator feed was spectacular!  Following the feed truck loaded with hunks of meat down predator alley was fantastic.  Whole turkeys, horse limbs, chickens and other slabs of raw meat were tossed into the animals enclosures, and we had prime viewing spots to see it.  Tiger Splash was also really cool, though a little tense, there’s always the feeling that one of tigers could turn, inadvertently or not, and really injure one of the handlers.

Lowlights: Not the zoos fault, but is was FREEZING, not what we expected for April in Arizona. (it SNOWED on our way home)

Pleasant Surprises: The whole experience was a pleasant surprise!

Would I Return?: I do think Judy and I will make a return the next time we make an escape to Arizona! And, we’ll have LAYERS.

Rating: 7 (out of 10)

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