Arizona Desert Sonora Museum

sonorandesertArizona Sonora Desert Museum

1/9/2006 Tucson, Arizona

Review: The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum has a wonderful collection of animals from the Sonora Desert.  If you’re not from Arizona, this is a great place to visit to get a sense of the wildlife and foliage in the area.

Photographability: The zoo grounds are gorgeous and beautifully maintained. Natural barriers are used most often, though the animals are native to the area so they are adapt to blending in.  I was starring at a pack of peccary long before actually seeing them.  I used the Canon 20d with the 70-200 zoom and the 24-70mm with a macro.

Highlights: The hummingbird exhibit was really cool.  These birds are really hard to shoot in the wild, so it was a fun experience to be so close to them and their favorite feeding sources.

Lowlights: We walked through a lot of the exhibits without seeing anything.  While that can be a great teaching opportunity for camouflage, I like to SEE the animals.  There’s A LOT of walking involved out into the open sun.  Even in december it was really hot.

Pleasant Surprises: Coming up close _safely_with a black widow was a new sight.  

Would I Return?: Maybe if I was bringing a newbie to Arizona and we had some free time in Tucson. (I do recommend this zoo and grounds for those interested in the desert, go in the spring, the desert in bloom is gorgeous)

Rating: 6 (out of 10)

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