The Oakland Zoo

oaklandzooThe Oakland  Zoo

2/28/2008 Oakland, California

Review: The Oakland Zoo is a nice little zoo with a really great flying fox exhibit. The layout is easily meander-able, but very hilly, and unless you’re reading the map, there are surprises around every corner. 

Photographability: Most of the exhibits are pretty easy to work with, a lot of the exhibits utilize the moat barriers which provide unobstructed views of the animals, though you’ll need that zoom lens to get up close and personal. I used my Canon Mark IIn camera and 70-200mm zoom lenswith the 1:4.  The Canon G7 came out for the macro moments.

Highlights: The gibbons were howling and the siamangs were out and on the move swinging around their exhibt.  I like those neck monkeys.  Oakland has made a commitment to keeping their elephants and are building a wonderful facility to accommodate them. The flying foxes were especially cool too, I’ve never seen an exhibit like this one. Judy made a fun video of the flying foxes.

Lowlights: They’ve got a troop of chimps but it’s impossible to shoot through the fencing. 

Pleasant Surprises: This was my first visit to the Oakland Zoo, sandwiched between visits to several others.  I loved the smallness of it, and prefer it to the San Francisco Zoo.

Would I Return?: Yes, I already have plans to in April 2009.

Rating: 7 (out of 10)

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